Global Warming Hoax: Middle East Sees “Apocalyptic” Blizzard

The Middle East saw freak snow storms this week – an occurrence that doesn’t jibe with the global warming hoaxers.

Global warming has been the scourge of the planet for decades, according to left-wing politicians and pundits who use the threat of climate change to bully their political enemies into passing overreaching legislation on the subject.  Now, the Middle East has become the latest locale to provide some evidence to the contrary.

“The UAE was one of a number of Middle Eastern countries to bare the brunt of a freak weather phenomenon yesterday.

“A shock snowstorm blasted through the Arab country, usually known for its blistering heat, scorched deserts and year-round sunshine.

“The blizzard covered parts of the country with up to 10 centimetres of snow, according to the local Met Office.

“Other Gulf States also experienced rare lightning strikes, sandstorms, rough seas and high winds of up to 90km an hour. “

The absurdity of the…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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