GLOBAL WARMING HOAX: Blizzard Warning for Hawaii

Hawaii could be in store for blizzard-like conditions this week, despite the wishes of the global warming believers.

Yet, still, much of the world has fallen under the spell of the hoaxers, and an army of global warming crusaders has been unleashed upon the globe in a strangely tilted attempt at passing massive caches of liberal and leftist legislation.

Unfortunately for these buffoons, news such as what is quoted below just keeps coming out.

“An upper-level disturbance is bringing some unsettled weather to the Hawaiian islands, including the potential for heavy snow and ice at Big Island summits.

“Southwest winds could reach 45 to 55 mph, with gusts to 65 mph.

“Forecasters warn the conditions could lead to poor visibility, strong winds and icy snow, which will make driving dangerous.”

Yes, you read that correctly: Hawaii.  Not sure how this news fits into the climate change theory?  Spoiler alert – It…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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