GINGRICH NAILS IT: #NeverTrump #NeverCruz “Washington Elites In Complete Denial”

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Speaker Gingrich succinctly tells it like it is. The reality that the “GOP Elites” don’t want to face is that the nominee will be Ted Cruz or Donald Trump.

The Speaker appears to be having a fantastic time watching the establishment burn. He describes the shocking situation that we are down to Trump v. Cruz. The two most hated of all the candidates…not by the Democrats, but by the GOP elites.

It’s a stunning turn of events that these are the only two men with delegates and a path to win the nomination.

Speaker Gingrich displays his often mentioned intelligence and quick analysis to outline the curious times we are living in.

In the video clip he describes this situation for the elitists of the GOP:

This situation is like taking some of these intellectualls into a blue collar bar, and having them try to…



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