Germany Is Preparing For The Worst

Germany Stockpiling Food To Prepare For The Worst (Image: MGN)

The German government is warning its people to stockpile on food and water in case of an impending disaster. Germany has not made such a demand since the Cold War. A 69-page plan is being presented in front of the Interior Ministry on Wednesday, where the final decision will be made. Germany does not foresee a future attack, but after their last month of attacks, they want to be prepared.

It’s been a long time since Germany has warned its people about impending disaster. Yet now, it seems like the warnings are necessary. The German government has come forward to advise the citizens to gather up food and water in case of future attacks, something they haven’t done since the Cold War.

The attacks on Germany in the past few months have been brutal. Two Islamic attacks, a shooting rampage…



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