Germans Turn to Black Market Firearms to Protect Against…

Germans are turning to the black market in order to buy firearms to defend themselves from muslim refugees.

After Merkel’s disastrous open border policies have completely and utterly failed to keep Germany safe, many Germans are turning to illegal means to obtain firearms in order to protect themselves from the scourge of middle eastern refugees and the danger inherent in their immigration to Germany.

“Hundreds of Germans have purchased illegal guns from a website called ‘Migrants fright’ in a bid to protect themselves against escalating attacks from newly arrived ‘refugees’.

“’Do you want your town to become a lawless arena for asylum seekers? Think you need to protect your women?’ asks a promo ad for the website, which has since been shut down.

“The German branch of left-wing website managed to obtain a customer list from the website before dispatching journalists to make home visits in an effort to…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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