Gas Lines and Fear of a Shortage Are Growing Across the South

Commuters in many parts of the South may soon be running on empty.

While much of the coverage of the Colonial Pipeline leak in Alabama has focused on the environmental impact, gas stations and daily commuters are beginning to feel the pinch.

The US Department of Transportation has ordered the pipeline closed until it can protect the “public, property, and environment from potential hazards”. The pipeline is one of the main fuel conduits for Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, and the Carolinas, and with gasoline supplies quickly tapering off, the law of supply and demand has asserted itself with a vengeance. Some state governments have responded to this crisis by lowering regulatory barriers for oil suppliers. Others have taken a more interventionist approach.

Part of the problem is that panic is also beginning to play a role in soaking up supply and driving up prices. A recent trip to a corner…



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