Gaining steam! Nebraska joining move to drop occupational licensing

The state of Nebraska requires some 200 different licenses for various occupations. If you’re an audiologist you have one, or a cosmetologist, barber, massage therapist, car salesman, nail technician or title examiner.

But soon they may start going away. Or at least be easier to get.

It’s because the Legislature voted 45-1 this week to approve the Occupational Board Reform Act, which systematically reduces the “burdensome and arbitrary” license requirements.

It needs only Republican Gov. Pete Ricketts’ signature.

The Institute for Justice said the licenses – which are required for people to work even in lower-income occupations – require 118 days of education and experience on average and an exam.

“In fact, occupational licensing is now one of the biggest barriers to finding jobs, with almost one in three workers in Nebraska either licensed or certified,” IJ said.

“Far too many workers are spending their time earning a license when



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