G20 Summit Update: US Focuses on Cyber Security

The G20 Summit gathered financial ministers from the nations with the top 20 economies to discuss matters pertaining to the modern global economy. The event was held in Berlin and discussed matters that included the global and digital economy, the importance of investment in cybersecurity for the financial sector, and the encouragement of private investment in African economies to create new opportunities for jobs in economically disadvantaged regions.

G20 Summit Update

The global and digital economy is becoming increasingly networked and attendees of the G20 summit discussed ways that industrialized and emerging economies can become robust and flexible enough to respond to crises. Recommendations related to creating a stable financial architecture, reducing debt and promoting structural reforms were proposed. Attendees agreed that manipulating currency exchange rates and specifically targeting a nation’s currency for the purpose of weakening it and gaining a competitive advantage were unacceptable practices. Although lessons were…



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