Friday Night Lights In Flyover Country: People Still Honor The Flag

This happened in America Friday night.

Welcome to “Flyover Country”! We have white kids, black kids, Asian kids, and Hispanic kids, all playing on a team together. Working toward a goal. They want to win.

Apparently, it doesn’t matter what color your skin is when you play football.

Your uniform color is a lot more important!

The team in the picture is the Clear Creek Amana Clippers, from IOWA! Go Blue! My kids actually attend this school and I was at the game tonight. Of course, there are a thousand teams like the Clippers playing football on Friday night in America…and that is pretty awesome.

So, I’m talking about “small town” America. Red, white, and blue kinda stuff. Guess what happens next?

The American Flag is hoisted high and honored before the game.



Because in a free country (and yes we are…



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