Free Press Once Again Under Attack By Liberal Advertising Agencies

The fight for the freedom of speech and the freedom of the press is still raging in America, with the internet taking the role of the new front lines.

Liberally controlled media outlets have, for months, been concocting new and diabolical ways to indoctrinate anyone within earshot to their crusade against “fake news” – an inflammatory and defamatory Term Du Jour being used to delegitimize the free press.  Furthermore, as our President Trump works diligently to stymy the dangerous accusations being made by the outlets, he himself becomes a target of liberal rage and ridicule.

Advertising agencies are succumbing to leftist and globalist pressure to silence conservative voices in the American free press.

Now, it seems that the left is turning to the private sector to enforce their disgusting censorship of conservative American views by threatening and infiltrating the advertising agencies responsible for keeping these channels of communication open.



Andrew West

Andrew West

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