Frederica Wilson Is a Political Animal Attacking America With the Jawbone of an Ass

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Frederica Wilson is a political animal attacking America with the Jawbone of an ass! With the highly spotlighted phone call from President Trump to a Gold Star widow the snowflakes began flying. Of course, the Twitter War started as outlined in this  article   and the mainstream media threw caution, and responsible journalism to the wind (this is my surprised face) making the President look like an insensitive slob, reducing the widow to tears.

Wilson saw the opportunity to pick up her fifteen minutes of fame, unfortunately she is a minor player and  the recording of the call released by the widow herself showed the cowboy hat sporting, so-called congresswoman to be the grandstanding liberal democratic liar that she really is.

The President is consistently hit with these wannabes whom no one has ever heard of, trying to ride the public opinion wave all the way to national



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