Fox News Contributor Points to Fresno Shooting As Obama’s Legacy

Broken politics and radical beliefs have consequences — and one of the consequences of former President Barack Obama’s eight years in office may be a lingering legacy of anger and hatred.

That view was recently expressed by Kevin Jackson, a conservative commentator and talk radio host. During an appearance on Fox News, Jackson pointed out how the Fresno mass shooting is connected to Obama’s past rhetoric.

“It’s a typical sort of narrative of the left to say, ‘pick one,’ right now they’re saying ‘pick one,’” Jackson began. “You can’t have terror and you can’t have race at the same time, when in fact, that’s exactly what it was.”

The political pundit was referring to the recent armed attacks in California, where a black man named Kori Ali Muhammad murdered three men because they were white.

That attacker reportedly killed an additional person in an earlier incident. During at least…



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