Forget Your Blonde Jokes – The World NEEDS This Girl

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If you’ve not seen Tomi Lahren, buckle up, because she’s awesome. Don’t let her blonde hair fool you, she’s no “Dumb Blonde”.

This young lady let’s the world know what she thinks, and it’s kind of AWESOME!

In this video she paints an all too clear picture of the refugee problem. If you don’t want to hear it like it is or the truth is a problem for you…don’t listen to this video.

Enjoy Tomi’s “Final Thoughts”.

Sometimes idiots run our country and we should pay more attention.

She sums it up with this brilliant screed:

Listen up! Do you lock your doors? Is it because you hate the people outside? No. It’s because you love the people inside.

That’s why doors have locks, citizens have guns, and countries have borders.

BOOM! We need more of blondes like this!





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