FORBES: YES, It Was ObamaCare That Increased Premiums

ObamaCare advocates have said for years that the Affordable Care Act was not the cause of rising premiums, but that argument is no longer plausible due to findings from new data from eHealth.

eHealth sells ObamaCare Marketplace health plans. The company also sold a wide variety of health plans through its own website. This was done for many years before the ACA was passed.

It turns out that across the board… For all ages and family sizes… For HMO, PPO, and POS plans… premium increases averaged about 60 percent from 2013, the last year before ACA reforms took effect, to 2017.

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In same length of time preceding that, all groups experienced premium increases of less than 10 percent. Most age groups actually experienced premium decreases, on average.


Forbes explains:

These findings come from new data



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