For Italian Muslims, Polygamy Is A Civil Right

Muslims Push For Polygamy (Image: MGN)

A legislation was passed in Italy that allows same-sex “civil unions,” and the Muslim community is pissed. Hamza Piccardo has gone out publicly to say that if same-sex unions are legal then polygamy should be legal as well.  Not only is Piccardo fighting for this, but he is promoting his philosophy on Facebook. Politicians in Italy are outraged.

A bickering battle is now taking over the streets of Italy. A recent legislation was signed that allows same-sex couples to enter into “civil unions.” Well, as you can imagine the Muslim population in Italy is outraged. Same-sex “unions, marriages, etc.” is looked down upon in the Muslim culture, however having multiple wives is not.

Hamza Piccardo, the founder of the Union of Islamic Communities and Organizations in Italy (UCOII), claimed that if the Muslim community has to endure same-sex unions the Italian people should have…



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