Flying Planes and Pigs

Flying planes and pigs. Write that down, there’ll be a quiz later. The collapse of the World Trade Center has spawned the most conspiracy theories since the assignation of JFK. When you have such a catastrophic event there are three positions: Right, left, and somewhere in the middle. The right is total acceptance of the government line, i.e. an old man in a cave talked nineteen religious nuts into grabbing planes and flying them unimpeded into the tallest buildings in the world. The left imagines that George Bush remotely controlled the planes while Dick Chaney computed stock options on Halliburton, and those that try to come up with a combination look for bombs planted within the buildings that gave the illusion of the planes bringing the buildings down all by themselves.

The truth is always a combination of all three. No one position is absolutely correct. I’ve dodged peeling…



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