Florida Man Arrested For Eating Pancakes [VIDEO]

As far as I know, no state has a law against eating pancakes and I’m sure that Florida does not.  But recently police arrested a 21 year old Black Lives Matter supporter for eating pancakes, but not for the act itself.  The problem the police had with Kiaron Thomas was where he chose to enjoy his breakfast.  Owing to his BLM mindset, he set up a table on a crosswalk in the middle of the street.  He was arrested for obstructing traffic.

 A Florida man will have to appear in court next month after he jokingly had his breakfast in the middle of a crosswalk.
Kiaron Thomas, 21, was arrested for sitting in the middle of a crosswalk and eating pancakes on Tuesday morning in Lakeland, Florida.
The Lakeland police department received a call around…



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