Florida Children Are The Latest Victims In Obama’s War

Black Lives Matter Destroys A Wounded Florida (Image: MGN)

Another nightclub was the target of a shooting in Florida yesterday. Club Blu was hosting a “no ID required” party for teens when a group of individuals opened fire into the crowd of teens and parents. 16 victims were rushed to the hospital to be treated for gunshot wounds, two died from the incident. Three individuals have been detained in connection with the attack.

Only a month after the Florida nightclub shooting, that left 49 dead, terror again floods the streets. Club Blu in Fort Myers was hosting a teen event when a group of individuals opened fire, killing two. 

Parents filled the parking lot as teens were leaving the “no ID required” event. The gunfire went off in a crowd full of children and teens. Some of the wounded victims were as young as 12. The two that were pronounced…



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