Flashback: Dick Durbin has been Caught Lying Before, Several Times!

If your FB newsfeed is anything like mine, it’s starting to feel like Fall 2016 all over again. After Senator Dick Durbin’s (D-IL) accusation this week that Trump referred to several nations as “shithole” countries, I saw my newsfeed explode with Trump bashing.

The references to Trump were at levels I haven’t seen since it seems many people had decided to take the political posts down a notch (interesting study I’d like to read: The Number of Friendships Ended Over the 2016 Election).

Here’s the thing, is it even true Trump made the comment? He denies it. So it is a case of he said/he said. Let’s consider the source of the allegations, Senator Dick Durbin. It turns out, Durbin has been called out for lying several times, and even the Obama white house agreed he is a liar. And today, his fellow Senator, David Perdue (D-Ga) also said Durbin is lying,



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