Fixing Obamacare | GOP Misses the Mark in First Attempt

Were the previous 50 attempts at fixing Obamacare all for political show…including on Jan 8th 2016, when a bill arrived on President Obama’s desk, forcing him to veto?

Fixing Obamacare | GOP Misses the Mark

By wasting time and effort coming up with an Obamacare-lite bill, GOP leadership is officially squandering another opportunity to do what is right for the citizenry of this country. We were told over and over that one of the biggest campaign promises would be to repeal the nightmare that is Obamacare. Then how come Republicans could send President Obama a repeal bill in early January 2016, yet here we are in mid-March with an actual Republican president and they can’t seem to make it work.

Political Interest

The truth is these politicians loved the Medicaid expansion and other goodies found in Obamacare. They were able to go back and home and leverage more coverage in…



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