‘Fire and Fury’ Debunked, But The Staggering Amount of ‘Works of Resistance’ Have Only Just Begun

The rise of Donald Trump to the Presidency of the United States of America has spawned a new cottage industry in the book writing field. The book, Fire and Fury, by Michael Wolff, is the first of many resistance books hitting the shelves. The range of subjects covers many aspects of resistance. It goes from tell-alls to how-tos. Here is some of what is coming out very soon.

As Written and Reported By HILLEL ITALIE for the Associated Press:

At The Booksmith in San Francisco, they’re trying to keep up with all the anti-Trump releases and other works of the “resistance.”

“It’s staggering, the number of books,” says store manager and leader buyer Camden Avery. “Politics has a much more prominent place in our store and for our customers than we’ve had for a long time.”

The rise of Donald Trump has been mirrored by an expanding literary genre that will intensify in 2018,



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