Fifteen Years Later 9/11 Is Still Killing Us

Survivors Of September 11th Diagnosed With Cancer (Image: MGN)

The fifteen year anniversary of September 11th is bringing more pain to the survivors of the attack. 5,400 survivors have been diagnosed with cancer. The World Trade Center Health Program claims that roughly 1,525 people with cancer enroll into the program each year. There are 75,000 people enrolled in the program to date.

We are a mere month away from the fifteen year anniversary of September 11th. Can you believe it? Fifteen years ago we suffered a tragic hit to our country. Thousands  of loved ones, including police officers, pilots, firefighters, wives, husbands, daughters, and sons, were lost. It may have been fifteen years ago, but our country has not forgotten and the effects of that tragic day have not disappeared.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s World Trade Centers Health Program, there have been more than 5,400 people…



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