Feminists Fight for Abortion – Not for Women

Last year, senior honors student Kamaria Downs found out she was pregnant.

Downs lived on campus at Claflin University, and had already paid for her dorm room and meal plan. Because she was pregnant, though, she was kicked off of campus, and if a professor had not taken her in, she would have been homeless.

Downs was not refunded the money she had paid for her dorm room, either. Things were not better for her on campus, either. She said the university made her feel ashamed to be pregnant, and she was forced to hide her pregnancy. Claflin does not allow pregnant students to live on campus after the first trimester, and they are also forced to provide medical documentation other students aren’t required to give.

Downs decided to fight back, and with the help of Public Justice, a legal non-profit that took on her case, she got Claflin to…



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