FBI Met With Airport Shooter, Heard Mind Control Story

The FBI was keenly aware of the Fort Lauderdale airport shooter, yet did not prevent Friday’s tragedy.

Unfortunately, in what seems to becoming a pattern in mass shootings in Florida, the FBI was fully aware of the mental illness that plagued shooter Esteban Santiago.  In fact, Santiago himself showed up on the FBI’s doorstep with a story that belied his severe mental health issues.

“Esteban Santiago, the accused killer at the crowded baggage claim area of Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, told the FBI in November that the government controlled his mind and forced him to watch ISIS videos.

“The 26-year-old former combat engineer was born in New Jersey and raised in Puerto Rico. His brother, Bryan Santiago, lives in Penuela, where they grew up. He told reporters their father died, while his brother was serving overseas in the military.

“‘He lost his mind,’ Ruiz said in Spanish, as she referred to…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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