FBI Agents Reveal Comey As Corrupt Hillary Pawn

FBI Agents Are Infuriated Over Weak Hillary Probe (Image: MGN)

Agents inside the FBI want the FBI Director, James Comey, to step down.  They cannot believe that the Director of the FBI would ruin the reputation of the agency as badly as he has. Even retired agents have come out of the woodwork to express their disgust with Comey’s procedures.

It seems that FBI Director James Comey may have damaged the reputation of the FBI forever. At least, that’s what top FBI veteran agents are saying. Agents inside the bureau cannot believe Comey’s “cowardly” investigation into the former Secretary of States private email server where she mishandled classified information.

However, after congressional critics came after Comey with accusations, he struck back like a true lead … By throwing his entire team under the bus. He claimed that the investigation was done by career agents, “So if I blew it, they blew…



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