Fake News Taken to Next Level Via Buzzfeed


It seems that the entire liberal world fell for a fake news story from an internet troll on Tuesday night, with Twitter and Facebook falling in line as well.

CNN and NBC’s Buzzfeed both fell for an absolutely insane phony story about Donald Trump on Tuesday night.

The whole bit started on notorious internet message board 4Chan, where web pranksters had convinced the pseudo-journalists of Buzzed, (an NBC company), that Donald Trump was being blackmailed by the Russians due to dirt garnered from trips to Moscow in which Trump visited with prostitutes and engaged in wildly perverse acts.

The truth is, none of it ever happened.

“RUSSIA has slammed claims it has compromising material on US President-elect Donald Trump branding the story ‘total nonsense.’

“Yesterday it was reported that a Brit spy uncovered evidence of shocking sexual information held by Russia on Trump.

“A Kremlin spokesman insisted the unsubstantiated…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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