“Fake News” Leviathan On Verge of Harpooning by Project Veritas


President Donald J. Trump had a heyday last week, lambasting the mainstream media and their complete and utter lack of professionalism in the wake of his introduction to the Oval Office.

The problem that lies with the liberally controlled media is one of perception, discretion, and corruption.  News outlets such as CNN and MSNBC have an incredibly dangerous hold on the majority of the nation’s perception of the events of the day.  Now, seeing as they are entertainers first, with a necessity to sell advertisements to stay in business, the “news” that they peddle will certainly take on a salacious spin in an effort to retain viewership and stay afloat financially.  This, of course, distorts their reporting.

Project Veritas will be releasing a massive trove of footage from behind the scenes of a major “fake news” agency.

Worse still has been the polarizing effect of this influx of cash…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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