FAKE NEWS: CNN Uses Video Game Screenshot on Russian Hack Story

CNN has been caught using video game graphics in their fake news story regarding the faulty Russian election allegations.

The latest unscrupulous tactic employed by the massive, liberal “news” network involves a double dose of their own brand of “fake” news.  Not only is CNN continuing to push the pathetically uninformed conspiracy theory that Russia used cyberterrorism to influence the U.S. elections of 2016, the cable news behemoth reported on the story using a screen shot of a popular video game.

“The thing about computer hacking is that it’s such a general, far-reaching term that it’s almost impossible to explain to someone who isn’t already familiar with it. So, news networks who need b-roll footage to show while they’re talking about hacking usually just show keyboards or random strings of letters and numbers, while the audience stares blindly at the screen, assuming that whatever they’re looking at is somehow related…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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