Fake Joel Osteen fools adoring Joel Osteen fans

Joel Osteen impersonator, Michael Klimkowski, fools a fan

“Let’s go bless people.”

With that, Michael Klimkowski, who leads a comedy-sketch group known as “Dabs Den,” set off on his mission to see how far he could penetrate a recent Joel Osteen event at the Los Angeles Forum.

He had neither credentials nor a ticket, but he had the look.

Klimkowski shares a striking resemblance to the Houston megachurch pastor, and the video he and his crew shot shows it worked.

In the footage, the fake Osteen is shown being waved through parking control without having to pay. As his entourage approaches the venue, Klimkowski quips, “Let’s see if I can get into my own event.” It works – they’re shown the special entrance they should take.

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