‘Faceless bureaucrats’ trying to force atheist chaplain on Navy

The U.S. Navy is considering allowing atheists into the Chaplain Corps, a move that even the Obama administration opposed and that Christian conservatives say would squander precious resources and open the corps to almost anything in the years ahead.

“I do think it would be really deleterious,” said Family Research Council Senior Fellow Chris Gacek.

This is not the first round of this fight. In 2015, Jason Heap filed suit to become a Navy chaplain after the Defense Department rejected his request because he sought to affiliate with a pair of humanist groups instead of a religious denomination. The Obama administration fought Heap’s lawsuit and won but Heap is making the push again.

This time, the U.S. Navy seems more open to the idea.

“The Defense Department won all the cases against Jason Heap so you would think that they would leave well enough



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