Facebook’s Secretive New Sect Built to Read Minds?


Facebook has come under fire in recent months for their intense overreach in the media world, and for their censorship of conservative views.

Facebook’s newest sect could be on the path to reading minds.

Many believe that the social media giant has gotten too big for its britches, fabricating an impact and footprint far beyond what the website’s original intent could have been.  Now, a mysterious new division of the company looks to be emerging, with much more sinister motives than previously believed.

“In April, the site revealed the existence of a new division, known only as ‘Building 8’ which is dedicated to creating ground-breaking products at the intersection of hardware, software, and content.

“And a new job advert posting suggests that the mysterious division could be working on mind-reading technology.


“Facebook posted the adverts on its job site, which can be accessed by the public.

“One advert…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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