Facebook Is Leading Cause Of Political Suicide

The actions and words of this elected official are simply disgusting. Watch the above video and see what one elected woman has to say on Facebook about the tragedy in Dallas.

“this was completely incited by America’s police force. They have obviously been given directives to go out and kill. It’s insane and it’s meant to create mayham. And let me add to this: I’m pointing out that we can expect this when the police murder somebody. This is the oldest trick in the book… It brings out more violence!!! It’s a terrible cycle that always escalates into something worse. Thus forcing us to ask ourselves, who is benifiting from this?”

This was from a now deleted facebook post by Reinette Senum, a city councilwoman from Nevada City, California.

The lack of empathy and commen sense from some elected officials is sickening, but Senum went on to defend her…



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