Facebook Begins Murky War On “Fake” News with “Disputed” Tag


Facebook is taking the next step forward in their war on conservatism this week with the addition of a new tagging system on the giant social media platform.

Facebook users looking for conservative news articles may soon hit a brick wall as the company began deploying its own “fact checkers” to dispute stories posted on the platform.

Facebook, along with Google and several others, announced weeks ago that they would be working overtime to prevent the spread of “fake news” – the liberal code word for “conservative news”.  Now, Facebook has made the next move in the battle against free speech with a new tagging system.

“Facebook has begun to mark content that may be false with a tag reading ‘disputed’ as part of their promise to crack down on ‘fake news.’

“In December of last year, Facebook promised to take a hardline stance against ‘fake news,’ partnering with partisan fact-checkers such as PolitifactSnopes and ABC…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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