‘Eyes Wide Shut’ actress and Hollywood conservative: Why the #Resist movement has it completely wrong

Since President Trump’s election, many progressives who are determined to oppose everything he does have branded themselves “the Resistance.” That’s the same name used by heroic anti-fascist freedom fighters who risked their lives to fight Nazi forces in Europe in World War II.

This is absurd. Donald Trump is not Hitler, his supporters are not fascists and he is not threatening to deprive us of our freedoms. That scenario might work as the plot for a movie about a nightmarish future, but has no relationship to reality.

Yet everywhere we look on social media we see the #Resist banner. From millionaire Hollywood celebrities, to radical university professors, to liberal pundits hyperventilating as they spout off on TV, we see members of “the Resistance.” It’s oh-so fashionable, enlightened and politically correct. And frankly, nonsensical.

But what is this Resistance of our self-proclaimed saviors? What does it stand for?

Rather than battling



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