Exposer of baby body-parts trade fights prosecution

Center for Medical Progress President David Daleiden (left) and his colleague, Sandra Merritt (right) (Photo: Twitter)

One of the two undercover investigators who famously exposed Planned Parenthood’s trade in the body parts of unborn babies has filed a motion to permanently dismiss 14 of the 15 felony charges the state of California brought against her.

Facing 11 years in prison, Sandra Merritt, defended by the non-profit Liberty Counsel, filed a motion to dismiss late Monday with the San Francisco Superior Court, arguing Attorney General Xavier Becerra failed to timely file an amended complaint by the 10-day deadline regarding the 14 dismissed counts.

The same charges have been filed against the leader of the investigation, David Dalieden, founder of the Center for Medical Progress, whose case is being defended separately.

Becerra, who has received thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from Planned Parenthood, charges that Merritt and Daleiden

Art Moore

Art Moore

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