[Exposed] CNN Caught Lying About Trump

Trump Denies Secret Service “Conversation” (Image: MGN)

The Secret Service have apparently had a “conversation” with Trump about his comments made a few days ago about the “second amendment people” stopping Hillary. However, Trump is denying that any such conversation happened. The first report of the conversation came from CNN who claimed to have had an interview with a Secret Service official. Another government official backed-up Trump in saying that the Secret Service did not “formally” speak to the Trump campaign.

Donald Trump has always been a candidate of controversy, his comments and boisterous exterior makes him a walking bulls-eye at times. Yet, recently, his comments about Hillary Clinton have gotten him into deep trouble. Trump recently said that the “second amendment people” need to take action and stop Hillary from picking a Supreme court justice. Of course, people took this to mean that Donald Trump was telling people to…



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