EXPLOSIVE NEW EVIDENCE: The Real Russian Collusion! Obama Admin Colluded With Russia!

Well, it turns out we should have listened to Democrats…there REALLY was a Russian collusion, it just didn’t involve Trump.

Democrats have been playing the blame game for months now, but now the REAL Russian collusion and the facts are coming out….it wasn’t about Trump. Surprise! Suprise! Suprise!

Of course, we’ve been saying this for some time now. It turns out the REAL Russian collusion was all about Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration. It was all about bribery, kickbacks, extortion, money laundering. It was all about the money! What a surprise! Hillary and kickbacks….NOT!

The Russians tampered with our nuclear industry. Thanks to Hillary Clinton and Obama. For TWO YEARS they ALL knew about this corruption and did NOTHING!! Attorney General Eric Holder knew about the kickbacks, bribery and extortion, and STILL allowed the deal to go through! Rod Rosenstein….Andrew McCabe….and Robert Mueller….THEY ALL KNEW about THIS!!!! Why



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