Even Hillary Couldn’t Sell That Dallas Was Caused By A Video


The assault in Dallas has shown us again how violent and out of whack our world is. The irony is lost in the tragedy…killers used an anti-cop rally to lure cops into a kill zone?

This was no group of angry kids. This attack on the men in blue reeks of planning, strategy, and execution.

Here’s a short version of how we got here. Two black men are killed by cops and the videos are uploaded to the internet. I won’t argue the right or wrong of those shootings from those videos, but let’s just say even in the videos the poor fellows who died were either resisting arrest and armed or reaching into his back pocket and armed, both bad ideas while communicating with officers.

Anyway, the two deaths are used by the political forces that spew racism in the black community. The deaths are then used to…



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