Evaluating Donald Trump Based On ‘The Top Ten Reasons I Voted For Him’

It was just six days before the presidential election, November 2nd, 2016, almost as a closing argument I listed the top ten reasons why I was going to vote for Donald Trump. Sure there were other reasons but these were my favorites.  Now, that it’s been a year since I deposited my ballot in the ballot-reading computer (and checked to make sure it registered correctly). I thought it would be interesting to go back to the list and evaluate the president’s performance based on the ten reasons I supported him. Rather than give him an actual A-B-C-D-F grade, his performance is based on whether he got it done, therefore he gets a PASS or FAIL

1) Supreme Court:  At least one and possibly up to three or four Supreme Court justices will be replaced during the next four years. Trump has provided a list of judges that he will select from. All of them



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