ESPN Executives Terrified That Ratings Drop May Force Cable Networks To Dump Monday Night Football!

Well, well, well….would you looky here! How time flies! It’s been a year since the NFL protests started and now the networks are sweating. Profits have dropped. Ticket sales are down. Stands are empty. Fans are boycotting the NFL because of the NFL anthem protests.

Ratings are continuing to crater for the NFL because of ‘Kneel Gate’. Now, one genius analyst is advising ESPN that it would be good business sense to not broadcast NFL games and forego the $15.2 billion that it makes them in doing so. Wow! Someone is in sore need of a math lesson here. The Hollywood Reporter’s James Andrew Miller thinks the solution is to dump football instead of dumping players who disrespect the National Anthem. That’s insane.

But say that ESPN did dump football… it would be the end not only for ESPN, but the NFL. If they are into suicide, by all



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