Elon Musk’s Neuralink Will Cost $20 Million

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Elon Musk has spent a lot of his own money developing Neuralink. He’s invested $100 million of his own money into the company that is developing implantable brain-machine interfaces, and he recently unveiled Neuralink’s brand new $20 million robot surgeon. Neuralink also recently revealed its brand new V.09 chip, which is a huge improvement over its previous prototype, the N1 sensor. The new V.09 chip is larger, but it has no outer component. The V.09 chip will be inserted in a person’s head along with 1024 electrodes that are sewn into the brain. Musk says the entire procedure will be performed by Neuralink’s robot surgeon, and he hopes the surgery will eventually cost only a few thousand dollars. Neuralink hopes to start human clinical trials soon and recently implanted the V.09 chip into the brain of a pig. A person who has a Neuralink chip in his or her brain may one day be able to control a computer simply by thought. We may one day be able to order something from Amazon simply by thinking of it thanks to this technology. Musk is worried about Artificial Intelligence taking over the world and believes that an AI vastly smarter than humans is a greater threat to the world than nuclear war. He believes that if enough people adopt the Neuralink technology humans could prevent AI from taking over the world. Here’s a detailed look at Neuralink and the recent developments that have been made with brain-machine interfaces.

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