Drain The Swamp? More Like Flush The Toilette!

Drain The Swamp? The two houses of congress have been sitting on their butts so long that a man like Donald Trump snatches a kink in aforementioned butts. Although I acknowledged threatening waters on Saturday, when it comes right down to it the president is doing exactly what he promised in the campaign, i.e. Drain The Swamp, and as expected, the gators are a-howling. Now we’re hearing wild accusations about Trump destroying the government, mixing with the Russians, and hiding Nixon era tape recorders in every nook and cranny. And everybody’s wondering what’s on said tapes should they exist.

Well, I’ll tell you what you won’t find on them. You won’t find him trying to cover up a burglary! I’ve never accused the democrats of cognitive abilities, but I thought since they live up beyond Olympia they would at least know history, especially what really brought Nixon down,…



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