Donna Brazile Refuses Witness Protection

Donna Brazile doesn’t know what to do these days.

In her book Hacked, Brazile revealed the crooked nature of the Democratic Party, the DNC, and specifically the Clinton campaign. President Trump rightfully seized on the revelations, as they validate what he had said all along about the Democrat machine.

Likely after a few high-level phone calls, Brazile decided to push back on the president, in an effort to walk back her comments. Then that backfired.

First, President Trump used Brazile’s own words in his statement. That made the allegations by Brazile that the president had “twisted” her words difficult to deny. But worse, even to the casual observer it was clear that Brazile was spooked.

Second, even Leftists saw through the ruse of going after Trump. In fact, the attack appeared rather “Weinsteinesque”.

Brazile was caught red-handed, and like Weinstein vowed to go to therapy and attack Trump. Too much



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