Donna Brazile Considered Replacing Hillary with Biden After 9/11 Memorial Collapse!

Last summer and early fall, as Hillary was coughing her way through every campaign stop and then “fainted” (or worse) at the September 11 Memorial, there was a juicy rumor going around. The rumor was one that certainly made me cringe, and it turns out it was more than just mere speculation.

It started when a video surfaced of Hillary’s “fall” at the September 11 Memorial  and spread like wildfire all over the internet, with much speculation that she was in dire health and never going to make it to Election Day. Watching the way she stumbled and fell and was carried into a waiting car, how could anyone not think there was something serious going on? People wondered, what would happen to her candidacy then? And although the DNC denied there was anything to talk about it turns out, they were worried enough to talk about contingency plans. Check



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