Donald Trump: Unchained and unapologetic

Donald Trump reportedly started work in the Oval Office on Thursday morning and told his staff he wanted to hold a press conference that day.

And so he did. Boy, did he.

The event, ostensibly an announcement of the president’s new pick for labor secretary, was anything but routine. New nominee Alexander Acosta wasn’t even in attendance – and it probably wasn’t a bad thing that he missed out since he quickly became an afterthought to the 76-minute free-form scrum that ensued.

So much for White House message discipline. Instead, it was Trump being Trump. The off-the-cuff style got him elected president, of course, so perhaps it’s how he will reboot his four-week-old (!) presidency. Donald Trump was off the leash – just the way he seems to like it.

Here are some of the highlights.


“The leaks are absolutely real; the news is fake.”
Thursday’s press conference was Trump v…



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