Donald Trump Makes History

Trump Accepts The Republican Nomination (Image: MGN)

Yesterday Trump accepted the title of Republican Presidential Nominee. In a whirlwind of a speech he had the audience chanting, “build that wall,” and “lock her up,” as he addressed the crowd. He vowed to be the voice of the struggling families and to make America the number one priority once again. At the end of the celebration Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, came forward and said that her father, “will deliver.”

Winning is always a celebratory thing. The victory of the Republican Presidential Nominee is no different. The Republican National Convention makes sure that balloons fall from the heavens, showering the victor in brightly colored latex and confetti. 

Yet, before Trump accepted his victorious title, he took a serious demeanor. He talked about the issues that plague the streets of America. He discussed the rise of the Islamic State, the recent almost gang-like violence…



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