Donald Trump is in Trouble

The just released audio of Trump’s comments from 2005 is devastating for his Presidential chances. This is not to say I think the election’s over, but I see this as the most damaging thing to emerge against him since he started his primary run last year.

It can’t be brushed off as political rhetoric to win the Republican primary, and some of the things he said will be deeply disturbing to many Americans.

While everyone thought the “October surprise” would be damaging to Clinton, the exact opposite seems to have happened. Unless someone has something equally devastating on the Clintons and is prepared to release it (not out of the question), Trump is in trouble.

Sunday’s debate now becomes do or die for him.

Trump’s response was pretty good, but unless he has audio of Bill on the golf course, probably not good enough.

“This was locker room banter, a private conversation that took…



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