DOJ’s Cronyism Is Out Of Tune

Commentary by Roberto Escoban

Leave it to the Obama administration to change decades of laws and precedents to help one of their political supporters.  According to sources, the Department of Justice is on the verge of radically altering rules, laws and precedents as it applies to music licensing, an effort to pad the bottom line of rappers, rock stars and musicians who are always willing to cut big political checks.

Billboard reports that the DOJ appears ready to change how Performance Rights Organizations (PROs) are required to treat the licenses of songs with multiple writers.  It may songs arcane and complicated but the impact would be felt on consumers immediately.  From streaming music companies to small restaurants and gyms that pipe music to their customers such a move could create jeopardy of civil fines and ultimately fuel an army of lawyers that would make “Better Call Saul” blush.

For generations,…



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