Does Bill Clinton Love White Powder, More Than He Loves Black People?

 A Commentary by Michael Karolchyk:

I have lived quite an “adventurous “life. Dating and living with playmates and porn stars really exposes you to some nefarious items and long nights.  Living in LA and southern California and training multiple NFL gladiators of the arena exposed me to more decadence then an episode of Spartacus. I have partied and raged with politicians, CEO’s of fortune five hundred companies, pastors, actors, actresses and NFL and NBA players.

Almost all of them are seen by their friends, business associates and media as pious and pure good folk. If only people knew that the “respected pillar of the community” usually is the guy doing lines of cocaine off the 21-year-old bimbo’s breasts in the locked bathroom of some hotel suite at four in the morning.  For full disclosure, I have absolutely no problem with any man doing lines of blow off a sexy…



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