DNC Cleans House Of Scapegoats

The CEO of the Democratic National Committee resigned on Tuesday, along with two other high-ranking members of the party.

Amy Dacey is the latest member to resign in the wake of the DNC email scandal that broke out just before the Democratic National Convention last week.

CFO Brad Marshall and Communications Director Luis Miranda also resigned on Tuesday in a clear effort by the DNC to clean their house in the wake of this scandal.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz who was the committee chair was the first to step down after the emails were leaked and was quickly given a prominent position on Hillary’s staff. Schultz is used to working for Hillary and headed her campaign in 2008. She later took over the DNC chair from Tim Kaine, Hillary’s VP pick, stepped down in 2011. This really makes you wonder what position these 3 newly unemployed Democrats will&hellip




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